Earlier this year, we unveiled the results of our rebranding activity, namely our subtle name change from Jaeva to Jayva, new-look logo, refreshed positioning statement, and launch of our American office and website. We’ve now completed the next stage of our rebrand in the UK and we’re delighted to announce that our re-designed Jayva UK website is live.

Visitors to www.jayva.co.uk can find familiar features in the form of an overview of our service offerings, description of our ethos and mission and list of latest news and case studies. There’s also newly available content including information on partnering companies and team profiles.

The main changes to our website are to its style and layout. Aiming to be more professional and cleaner looking with easier navigation throughout, most of the content can be found on our long, scrolling home page and there are top level hyperlinks to sub-pages for additional content.

Nicola Moore-Miller, Managing Director, comments:

“We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get our new website ready for the UK. Everything’s been streamlined to provide a better user experience. Not only is the wording more targeted, it’s also possible for surfers to quickly find what they’re looking for. Feedback to date from clients, employees and partners has been resoundingly positive. We’re told they love our new site from both an aesthetic and subject matter perspective. Our intention is to continue adding content, primarily to the news and partners pages, in order to keep the legal community abreast with all the latest happenings at Jayva.”

Alongside our website, we’ve also reviewed our social media profiles. Reflecting our re-spelled name, our social media handle for the UK is @JayvaLtd. We can be discovered on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/JayvaLtd, Twitter at twitter.com/JayvaLtd and Facebook at facebook.com/JayvaLtd. Links to these three channels are conveniently located in the top right hand corner of every web page. By liking and following us on social, stakeholders will be amongst the first to receive important updates from our team.

Download your copy of ‘New Jayva UK website now live!’.