When multi-site, full-service law firm, Bell Lamb & Joynson, migrated systems to LEAP Legal Software and Xero, Jayva UK Ltd was drafted in on a complete project management capacity. As LEAP’s certified independent consultancy and Xero bronze partner, Jayva was the preferred choice to support the business throughout implementation which has seen Bell Lamb & Joynson utilise case management functionality for the first time.

Beverley Leeman, Office Manager at Bell Lamb & Joynson, commented: “When you make a decision to switch systems, it’s a fairly major undertaking and significant financial investment. With expert help, such as that provided by Jayva, the whole transition is so much easier.

“Similarly, with dedicated training, you can really start to reap the benefits of your software spending from the word go by understanding and using the full range of features available. This was particularly prevalent to us as completely new case management users.”

Bell Lamb & Joynson’s financial year end falls on 30th June so this was the date chosen for the switchover to LEAP and Xero. The law firm ceased to use its incumbent software on 30th June then embarked on a 2-week training programme with a go-live date of 11th July.

“We had consultants from Jayva on site for the entire installation, configuration and training period,” continued Beverley. “Their work involved everything from setting up advanced automated precedents to end user training. Where training’s concerned, we specified our requirements because we had very defined ideas about what we wanted to achieve. The Jayva team delivered their consultancy services to the letter. From beginning to end, Jayva’s input and support was a hugely positive experience.”

With the initial set up and training complete, Bell Lamb & Joynson was then free to familiarise itself with the LEAP and Xero software, put their training into action and identify certain features or tasks for further training.

“We didn’t want to overload ourselves with too much information at the outset, especially as we were starting from scratch in some respects,” added Beverley. “So the early training was for the basics only. Now, having used the software for a few months, we’re ready to delve deeper. We’ve already had some supplementary in-depth training from Jayva and are due to have more soon. Also, we’ve since appointed a new cashier who’d benefit from detailed training too. This ongoing training support is a fantastic resource to call upon as and when.”

In her concluding remarks, Beverley stated: “In my opinion, any law firm moving to LEAP or Xero should enlist Jayva’s services. Jayva’s staff know what they’re doing, didn’t put a foot wrong, achieved timescales and, as a direct result of their project management provision, the move was straightforward and we’re getting as much as possible out of our new software packages.

“They’re flexible too. Even when we email them during the weekend, we get a response. This willingness to go over and above is a massive differentiator from other consultancy companies. I can’t imagine having embarked on this project without them.”

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