We’ve relocated our head office back to our roots in Manchester. Most of the Jayva team met and built their legal knowledge in and around Manchester. It’s also a vibrant city known for innovation so Manchester was the ideal location choice.

Previously, our head office was located in Gosforth, having been refurbished and acting as the main place of work for office-based Jayva admin team members for the past few years. Now, we’ll maintain our Gosforth premises for employees in the Cumbrian area but our new Manchester office will accommodate a growing company with the majority of staff already living in and around Greater Manchester.

Situated on Fountain Street in the city centre, the Manchester base is conveniently positioned close to the up-and-coming legal hub, Spinningfields, thereby allowing us to better service our law firm clients.

Jayva’s Managing Director, Nicola Moore-Miller, comments:

“Ultimately, setting up our Manchester office is about business growth. Not only are we continuing our recruitment drive in the UK, our sister company in the US is expanding too. We’ve chosen Manchester for both groups of employees, either as their permanent place of work or as visitors for strategy days and other meetings. Manchester Airport on its doorstep and strong rail links makes regular company-wide get togethers possible.

“A related advantage is the ability to mentor newer members of staff. Long-serving employees can more consistently coach those who’ve recently joined Jayva as they’ll all be in situ in the same office. This allows us to ensure the same level of quality and our culture is shared and promoted. Everyone at Jayva will benefit from these ongoing professional development opportunities.

“As anyone who’s ever been a home worker will appreciate, it can be a very isolating experience. Even if there’s lots of phone conversation and videoconferencing, it’s just not the same as face-to-face contact with your colleagues on a regular basis. The sense of camaraderie and friendship that our Manchester office will engender, then, is inestimable and this is another contributing factor to creating this shared space.

“Where our clients are concerned, we may become neighbouring organisations due to our proximity to Spinningfields. For clients with smaller premises or elsewhere in the country, there’s the option of using our Manchester training facilities should on-site training be impracticable. Even remote training resources will improve so we can extend our offerings to give clients even more choice.

“With our Gosforth, Manchester and Boston offices, the Jayva network is growing fast and we’re thrilled to be able to provide great workspaces for our team and clients alike to enjoy.”