As part of our continued drive to widen our network, we’ve joined the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC), the recognised voice of business in the ten Manchester boroughs.

There are some 4,500 other members so this latest marketing initiative provides a unique platform to spread the Jayva message to like-minded professionals and address topical concerns affecting the legal sector, an industry well represented in GMCC.

With membership benefits ranging from extensive networking opportunities for lead generation and quarterly forums for airing views to regular committee meetings for discussing important policy issues and high-profile local presidents championing business in their area, we’re delighted to enrol with the forward-thinking GMCC group.

Nicola Moore-Miller, Managing Director, comments:

“Although Jayva’s a national consultancy and training firm serving legal practices the length and breadth of the UK, a large proportion of our team are located in and around Greater Manchester. That’s why we’ve decided to join GMCC.

“By working closely together, we can better support organisations based in the Manchester cluster. We look forward to connecting with a broader assembly of businesspeople, legal service providers amongst them.

“Our membership also presents the chance to link up with other prospective business partners. By collaborating, we can essentially extend our service offerings thereby becoming more of a one-stop-shop supplier and giving clients the confidence that, if the Jayva team can’t directly help with their predicaments, we know someone who can.”

Download your copy of ‘Jayva joins Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce’.