Q1. Please choose from the options below a role type which best describes your role within the business

Practice or Project Manager

Q2. Please rate your experience of the Jayva UK team overall, with 5 stars being the most positive experience and 1 being a very poor experience

5 stars

Q3. Please rate the following areas separately, with 5 being excellent and 1 being poor

  • Consultant’s product knowledge = 5

  • Consultant’s approach and demeanour = 5

  • Information given regarding the implementation process = 5

  • General support during and post implementation = 5

  • Real life experience and understanding of your firm’s requirements = 5

  • Expectation setting at the project’s outset = 5

  • Achievement of timescales = 5

  • Quality of training provision = 5

Q4. Please identify below whether any individual team member performed exceptionally well and made a real difference to the experience

  • Sue Rodgers

  • Steve Curtis

  • Nicola Moore-Miller

Q5. In your own words, please write a few sentences which describe your experience and why you’d like to recommend us

“Jayva have to be the best training company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The team are friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable and make the training easy to follow and understand. In addition they exceed expectations with regard to continual support and assistance after training. If Jayva offer the training you require DON’T go anywhere else.”