When making a decision to change your practice management software, one of the things which can get brushed over pre sale is how your data will be converted. You’ll need to convert your data and documents from one system to another, and this can be a fairly laborious task. Systems vary greatly and often expectations about what “data conversion included” means can have wildly differing results. Mapping data can be a challenge which requires specialist knowledge, but at the very least, an understanding of what is included or out of scope is a must.

The LSSA’s data conversion white paper, published late last year, usefully sets out expectations and responsibilities in ensuring the data conversion process is demystified and fully understood by all parties.

Every one of the LSSA member firms has agreed to adhere to the LSSA’s Code of Conduct, this white paper included. Simply by choosing a technology provider listed on the LSSA’s website, you’re assured of best practice data conversion support.

As a dedicated consultancy for the legal sector, by enlisting our services for your software implementation projects too, you’re even better equipped for a seamless transition from old to new. We’ve migrated data to and from all manner of systems, and act as your project manager from initial selection and configuration to data conversion and end user training, plus everything in between.

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